Cutting Edge Research

The Mozart effect in Epilepsy

We recently came across this paper by the group by Quon et al titled “Musical components important for the Mozart K448 effect in epilepsy” which was published in Nature scientific reports.

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The Science Life

What I love about doing a PhD!

We have highlighted the Struggles of doing a PhD many times before. However, there are also so many amazing sides to doing a PhD that, at times, fade a bit to the background. Today I felt it was necessary to unapologetically tell you about why I love doing a PhD.

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Invited Scientists

Dave Speijer: Debating Eukaryogenesis

In our invited scientist section, we share content created by other Scientists. For this very first blog in this series, we have a video created by dr. Dave Speijer. A great mitochondrion enthusiast. Now we all know that mitochondria are the most important organelle in your cells but it also tells us a lot about how eukaryotic life evolved.

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