Episode 38: Cutting Edge Research?!?…..Science news!


Science News
We are back with another Science news episode! Not only will we bring you up to date on the most interesting (and funny) Science that has reached the news since our last episode and give you all the facts you need to astonish people at your next social event. We will also fact-check the actual research papers to make sure it actually shows what the journalist wrote about them. Which does not always seem to be the case!

We will talk about

-Sharing DNA with your doppelganger
-Sharks that walk on land because of climate change??
-Growing mouse embryos without eggs or sperm
-Making robots out of dead spiders
-Electrical bacteria
-Grapes make you live longer
-Good sleep reduces your chances of strokes
-Fernandina tortoise is not extinct after all
-Dopamine circuits are real
-New compound works against hard-to-kill cancers

If you know any interesting Science News that we should definitely add to the next episode, or have any other questions, suggestions, or tips, please reach out to us via our website: thestrugglingscientists.com

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