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Evolution on other planets

Episode 18: Invited Scientist Dr. Dave Speijer- Does other intelligent life exist in the universe?

In the new invited scientist series, we invite scientists to talk with us about their favorite subjects. In this episode, we spoke to Dr. Dave Speijer about how likely it is that there is other intelligent life in the universe.

Dr. Dave Speijer is an expert in the field of Molecular evolution and Mitochondrial research. Now he might not know this but he was also one of the inspirations for us to start this podcast. Let’s listen to Dave Speijer and his chosen subject.

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We are The Struggling Scientists!

We are Suzanne and Jayron, two PhD students who love to talk about Science. We have decided to share our love for Science and our stories as a Scientist in the Struggling Scientists Podcast. Being a Scientist isn’t always easy and we hope to help other Scientists, anyone Science adjacent and perhaps even hobbyists with fun stories about Science.