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PhD advisors

Episode 24: The Science Life….. Talking with PhD advisors

Today we talked with 2 PhD advisors from the AUMC doctoral school, Jordy and Mandy. They coach and advise PhD students in our institute and help them with the problems they face. We talked about their work, the most common PhD problems, and what they would advise.

Do you have a problem during your PhD, definitely check out if your institute has something similar!

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the science behind cold showers

Episode 23: The Science Behind ….. Cold Showers!

You might have heard that taking a short cold shower has health benefits. We heard things like increased metabolism, more energy, and helps with weight loss. But this made us wonder, is there actually a scientific basis for this? So we decided that it was time for us to dive into the world of Scientific Research about Cold Showers. Curious about what we found? Listen to this fun episode!

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We are The Struggling Scientists!

We are Suzanne and Jayron, two PhD students who love to talk about Science. We have decided to share our love for Science and our stories as a Scientist in the Struggling Scientists Podcast. Being a Scientist isn’t always easy and we hope to help other Scientists, anyone Science adjacent and perhaps even hobbyists with fun stories about Science.