My name is Suzanne, a dutch girl who dreamed of being a Scientist. And look it happened!

My love for Science already started at a very young age, I was that annoying kid that bothered my parents with questions like: If everybody eyes are wired just a little bit differently does that mean that everybody sees the color red just a little bit differently? And does this explain why everybody has a different favourite colour?

Yeahhhhh…. you were expecting why is the sky blue right? ;)

My interest for how things work was futher nurtured with my dad who is a GP. But since I did not think being a doctor was for me I decided I wanted to become a Scientist. And then I did exactly that!

The PhD

I am currently in the fourth year of my PhD. My research is about Cholesterol Metabolism and I absolutely love it!

That does not take away that science can be a struggle at times. Together with Jayron we started a podcast to talk about the good, the bad, the results and the drama of Science. We talk about general Science subjects that we want to know more about and about our own and other’s experiences as a Scientist


Hey, I’m Jayron I’m from Aruba and I am just as Dutch as Suzanne (at least according to my passport).

As a kid I was always interested in learning more about the world given that I was from a tiny Island. I used to watch the Discovery channel everyday, then go to school and annoy the teachers with questions about what I had seen. 

However, from constantly asking teachers and family questions it became clear to me that I wasn’t going to be able to learn everything I wanted to learn if I stayed on Aruba. So I decided to come to the Netherlands to pursue my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Biomedical Sciences.

While I was always interested in how things worked I never really thought of becoming a scientist because that wasn’t really something I knew was possible being from Aruba. 

The PhD

Like Suzanne I am also in my fourth year of the PhD and my project focusses on a gene called FHL2 and its effects in cardiovascular disease and metabolism. 

While I obviously love research and the scientific method I do think an area that is severely lacking is scientific outreach and communication. Often as scientists we are stuck in our own bubble and we think because we know something everyone also must know it and that simply isn’t true. Now that it is easier than ever to communicate with people we decided to start a podcast to talk about science.

Scientific research comes with many struggles and I think its great to have an honest and open conversation with researchers about both the good and the bad aspects about it but also just talk about some really cool science as well. 

To do good Science, You must first be very confused

— Unknown —