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Science News

Episode 38: Cutting Edge Research?!?…..Science news!

We are back with another Science news episode! Not only will we bring you up to date on the most interesting (and funny) Science that has reached the news since our last episode and give you all the facts you need to astonish people at your next social event. We will also fact-check the actual research papers to make sure it actually shows what the journalist wrote about them. Which does not always seem to be the case!

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writing tips

Episode 37: The Science/PhD Life… Writing tips from a professional!

Today we interviewed Anna Clemens who became an academic writing coach after doing a PhD in chemistry. She specializes in helping researchers write really good papers and has courses you can sign up for. She really looks at the contents of the paper, how to get your story more clear and concise and how to get your paper more easily accepted.

We got in contact after our previous episode on writing tips from our own perspective and are of course really interested in tips from a professional academic writing coach!

If you are interested in Anna’s courses you can check out: or follow her on Twitter: @scientistswrite

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Academia to industry

Episode 36. Career talks… Switching from academia to industry with Nicole Betz

Today we talk with Nicole Betz from the US who recently switched to industry after her PhD and Postdoc. She now is a marketing researcher and talks with us about all the tips she has about getting a job outside of academia and about the job she has now.

Together with some friends she also started a Twitter account called AltAcChats. They aim to help people switch to industry, definitely check it out!

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PhD defense

Episode 35: The Science/PhD Life… Defending your PhD with Dr. Maria Clemente

In this episode, we talk with the newly graduated Dr. Maria Clemente about what it is like to defend your PhD in the Netherlands. While there are clear differences in the defense between countries that are interesting to hear about, she also has some very good tips for people preparing for their PhD that are useful for PhDers all around the world.

In future episodes, we want to highlight what it is like to do a PhD or defend your thesis in other countries. We are always looking for future guests so if this is something you would like to talk to us about definitely reach out to us!

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We are The Struggling Scientists!

We are Suzanne and Jayron, two PhD students who love to talk about Science. We have decided to share our love for Science and our stories as a Scientist in the Struggling Scientists Podcast. Being a Scientist isn’t always easy and we hope to help other Scientists, anyone Science adjacent and perhaps even hobbyists with fun stories about Science.