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We Are Always Looking For People With An Interesting Story To Tell!

Do you have an interesting story that you think our listeners or readers would love? Then definitely reach out to us! 


Become A Podcast Guest!

We are always looking for New Guests for our biweekly podcast episodes! Send us an email via and we will make a zoom appointment to get to know you! Then for the actual podcast interview, we will make a new Zoom appointment to record. 

Nice to know:
  • Our episodes last between 20-45 min
  • If you have a microphone or headset please let us know!
  • Recordings are over Zoom
  • We do not use video at this point
  • Our interviews are quite casual in style
A great example of one of our interview episode is our interview with Elisabeth Bik!
Other options:

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Would you like to do more than just be a guest? Take a look at out Join our Team section! We might have opportunities fo you to join the world of Science Communication!

Become a Guest Blog Writer

Now we know many Scientists would like to share their stories or thoughts with the world, and one of the best ways to do this is with a blog! However, then getting people to read your blog can be a major problem and usually involves building a social media following. So to make it a little bit easier for you we now also accept guest blogs. You will be fully credited for writing this blog and we will promote it to our following! Send us an email at with who you are and what you would like to write and we will let you know if this is a good fit!

Our Blog Topics

Currently we have our blogs devided into 6 sections. 

- Cutting Edge Research

In this section we have blogs that talk about exciting new Science and Ideas

- Mental Health

Mental Health is an important topic in Science, and we believe it is important to talk about this and be open about the struggles. But we also want to help! With tips about mindfulness, meditation, and tips on how to find happiness even if the science seems to not work at that moment.

- Productivity

This a much-requested topic by our followers! Here we focus on helping Scientists with taking back control over their lives! With hacks, tips, and tricks we hope to make life just a little bit easier. 

- Skills

In this Skills for Scientists section, we write about new skills that are useful for scientists or life after academia. 

- Tips & Tricks

In this Tips & Tricks for Scientists we help you take charge of your life! We dig up the best ones for you and try them out!

- Scientists Stories

Do you have a Story about your life that you think might help other Scientists/PhD students? Then this is the place to share! For this section we also allow anonymous stories. 

Other Options:

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