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We are thrilled to guide you through a journey of discovery and growth in academia. As Scientists who have navigated the complexities of the academic world, We’ve tailored exciting courses just for you including: AI for Academics, Science Communication for Scientists, and How to Use Social Media as a Scientist.

Each course is a little world of its own, packed with insights, tools, and strategies we have found invaluable. Whether you’re eager to delve into the wonders of AI, share your scientific discoveries with enthusiasm and clarity, or connect and grow your network through social media, we are here to help you unlock new opportunities and enhance your academic journey. 


AI in Academia

AI in Academia

AI is taking the world by storm, but many academics still don't know how to properly use it.

So how do you make the most of ChatGPT as an academic and are there other better AI tools you need to know about for your academic career?

In this course we provide you insights on how to ethically use AI, prompt engineering with ChatGPT, and a comprehensive overview of other (better) AI tools for academics.
Scicomm course

How to get Started with Science Communication

How to get Started With Science Communication

Science Communication is something every Scientists can do! And it can make your Scientific Journey so much more rewarding!

But it can be a bit difficult to know where to start. In this course we go over all the basics. The options there are to promote your Science and how you get started with them.

We teach you all the tips & tricks we have learned along the way and tell you all the secrets to make your Scientific Communication Succesfull!
Social Media

How to use Social Media as a Scientist

How to use Social Media as a Scientist

Social Media has opened many opportunities to spread awareness and brand yourself as a Scientist.

But how to be succesfull on social media? Posting and only getting a like from your mom gets boring very quickly 😉 So let's do it right!

In this Course we help you set up a good social media strategy and brand yourself as a Scientist. We talk about the pro en cons of each platform and help you find what fits the best with who you are!

How to start a Podcast

How to start a Podcast

Have you always wanted to start a podcast? Or are you considering what would be the best platform for you?

Well in this course we talk about how it is really done! You get all the ins and outs from 2 experienced Science Podcasters.

We talk about choosing your topics, branding, technology you might need, and how to get your podcast out into the world!

How to start a Blog

How to Start a Blog

Blog writing means getting to write about topics that interest you. It is a great way to talk more about your research field in a fun and creative way!

We talk about how to set up a blog, choose your topics, how to set up your branding, tools and technology that can help you and most importantly how to get people to read your blog!

Work Life Balance

Work-Life Balance Workshop

Work-Life Balance Workshop

Now we all know we should have a good work-life balance. But what does this actually mean? And how to get there!

In this workshop we help you figure out what a good work-life balance looks like for you! Because every individual is different and so is their work-life balance! Stop letting others tell you what to do and become more aware of your own bounderies.

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