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Welcome potential Sponsor! We are always interested in promoting products that we truly feel will help our audience. We have many platforms that we can use to promote, such as the Podcasts, Social media platforms, and Newsletters. Since every company and brand is different we do not have standard prices. We make custom packages for every Sponsorship! Reach out to us on thestrugglingscientists@hotmail.com 
to scedule a meeting with us and check out the rest of this page for more information!

Also check out our detailed metrics at the end of this page!

Our Sponsoring Options!



Our fun and inspiring podcast made for Scientist is a great space to promote your product! Podcast listeners are an invested audience and are always looking for ways to improve their work and life. For Podcast promotions we have two options

- The Audiogram

Audiograms are audio clips of 1-1.5 min long containing a host-read ad. We explain in our own words why we love a product and how it can be useful for our audience. These audiograms are inserted into every episode of the podcast for an agreed upon amount of time (minimal 1 month) or until a certain amount of listeners has been reached (minimal 2000). An example of one of our audiograms is:  

- A Sponsored Episode

In sponsored episodes we make a whole episode about a certain topic your company is interested in. This can be a topic you have a specialist in that aligns with your company, an interview with a company founder about their journey in Science and what they hope to achieve, or even a more detailed episode about a certain tool and how it can help researchers. These episodes will forever stay on our episode lists.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach a specific audience! Our audience of over 55.000 scientists (or science-related) followers loves learning about new products that can improve their lives!

For Social Media, we have a couple of Post options available. We always include posts on both Twitter and Instagram since our content overlaps.

- The Meme

Meme posts are a favorite of our audience and we have had great succes using it to promote products! Memes can really strongly show a relatable problem that people are having, combining this with a product that can solve this problem has shown to be just as effective as a thread in generating link clicks! 

An example meme that generated 384 link clicks on twitter can be found here: 

- The Thread/Carousel Combo

A thread is a well known multi tweet or multi page post that allows for a more detailed explanation of a subject. We can make threads about our experience testing a product/ how we would use it/ a how to/ or about a certain problem that a product can fix. The possibilities are endless. For Instagram we turn the threads information into a carousel.

An example of a thread and carousel combo that generated more than 200 link clicks can be found here: 

- The Reel/ Video promotion

Video is a type of content we have only recently started using. We are still trying to optimize for this type of content and have not used it before for promotions. At this moment we would recommend the post types we know work really well, but if you would like to *experiment* with us it is available 😉 


Blog Posts

Another great option to tell our audience about your product is a Blog post!

- A Blog Post (written by us)

We can write an in-depth Blogpost about the product or about a problem a product can solve. Blog posts are promoted to all our social media channels when they come out. Blog posts work the best if they are about an interesting subject or problem people face. Blog posts will remain on our website.

- A Blog Post (written by you)

We occasionally accept promoted blog posts written by brands themselves. However! We are quite selective about what we post and will need to know detailed information about the product to decide if we are interested and see a written version before we definitivly decide to post this or not. Please do not reach out to us if you cannot provide detailed information about the specific blog you want us to post. 

Contact us


Additionally we have a newsletter called ‘The Journal of Struggling Scientists’. It contains a lot of fun content for our audience. We can include a specific promotion in this newsletter.  

Interested? Reach out to us on thestrugglingscientists@hotmail.com for more information! Or fill in the form at the bottom of the page!

More information about our Metrics!

Let's start with our Podcast

At this moment (August 2023) we have:

~2000-2700 Podcast Listeners/Month

And this number is constantly growing!

Our listeners come from all over the world!

We are in the top 10% of all Podcasts Worldwide!

The Struggling Scientists | Listen Notes

The listener age range puts our listeners predominantly in the PhD/Postdoc range and we believe our gender range also reflects that of the academic world. 

Lets discuss Twitter

At this moment (August 2023) we have:

On average our content generates 1445 likes/day

~1445 Likes a day

Sadly Twitter does not provide us with aditional metrics about our audience but we expect this to be very similar to our Podcast and Instagram

And of course Instagram!

At this moment (August 2023) we have:

Our instagram audience comes from all over the world and has a similar age distribution as the Podcast!


Our Newsletter is a newer addition to everything we do and has currently (August 2023): 

~558 subscribers


Our Blogs are continuesly promoted on our social media and currently (August 2023) have:

~400-2400 Readers/Blog

Former Sponsors