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Episode 30. Cutting-Edge Research?!? … Screaming at Rats causes fertility issues

Do you ever wonder what other subjects you could have studied during your PhD? Well, this Podcast is here to tell you all about the cutting-edge research you could have done! And today we discuss a paper that was just published, where researchers screamed at rats for 3 weeks and found that this causes fertility issues. Intrigued? Then definitely listen to us discussing this paper.

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Episode 29: Career talks… How to start a Start-up

In this episode we talked with the CEO and CTO of a startup in Switzerland, named Bigomics. We interviewed them about what it was like to start your own company. They talk about their journey and have some nice tips for future entrepeneurs.

Career talks is a collaboration between The Struggling Scientists and the Alumni association Bio-medical Sciences of the University of Amsterdam

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PhD advisors

Episode 24: The Science Life….. Talking with PhD advisors

Today we talked with 2 PhD advisors from the AUMC doctoral school, Jordy and Mandy. They coach and advise PhD students in our institute and help them with the problems they face. We talked about their work, the most common PhD problems, and what they would advise.

Do you have a problem during your PhD, definitely check out if your institute has something similar!

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the science behind cold showers

Episode 23: The Science Behind ….. Cold Showers!

You might have heard that taking a short cold shower has health benefits. We heard things like increased metabolism, more energy, and helps with weight loss. But this made us wonder, is there actually a scientific basis for this? So we decided that it was time for us to dive into the world of Scientific Research about Cold Showers. Curious about what we found? Listen to this fun episode!

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first author paper

Episode 22: First author talks….. with Denise van Uden about her Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension paper

In the First Author Talks series we talk with first authors about their papers, the Struggles to get to this point and about life as a Scientist.

In this episode, we invited our good friend Denise van Uden to talk about her life as a PhDer and all the struggles that came with publishing her first first-author paper.

Paper: Central Role of Dendritic Cells in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in Human and Mice.


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Famelab winner

Episode 21: Invited Scientist international FameLab winner Alex Cloherty

In this first episode of the year, we talked with Alex Cloherty. She won the international Famelab competition for science communication in 2021! We talked with her about this competition and about science communication in general. She has a really nice blog Microbial Mondays and a Youtube channel Alexgoesviral. Check her out if you are interested in learning more about microbes, from bacteria to viruses to fungi.

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Evolution on other planets

Episode 18: Invited Scientist Dr. Dave Speijer- Does other intelligent life exist in the universe?

In the new invited scientist series, we invite scientists to talk with us about their favorite subjects. In this episode, we spoke to Dr. Dave Speijer about how likely it is that there is other intelligent life in the universe.

Dr. Dave Speijer is an expert in the field of Molecular evolution and Mitochondrial research. Now he might not know this but he was also one of the inspirations for us to start this podcast. Let’s listen to Dave Speijer and his chosen subject.

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The Mozart effect

Episode 15: Cutting Edge Research?! The Mozart effect in Epilepsy.

Today we discuss a paper by Quon et al., (2021) that has been recently promoted on the Nature Facebook page, namely: Musical components important for the Mozart K448 effect in epilepsy.

This paper shows a beneficial effect of Mozart K448 for 2 pianos in D major for patients with epilepsy. We were very interested in how this worked and decided to read more about this Mozart effect. Listen to us discussing this very interesting paper!

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PhD application process

Episode 14: Tips For Future PhDs… Part 3. Tips for During the Application Process

This is the third part of our miniseries with tips for future PhD students. We talk about how to get the most out of the application process. This is not only your time to apply for the position but also your time to find out if this specific position is a good fit for you!

Also check out Part 1 where we discuss if a PhD is something you should do, and Part 2 where we discuss how to find a PhD position.

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tips for future PhD students

Episode 12: Tips For Future PhDs… Part 1. The Phd, is it a good idea?

Today we have a new episode about tips for Future PhD students. We have a lot of tips to talk about so we are splitting the tips up in 3 parts. Part1: The PhD is it a good idea. Part 2: Find a PhD that works for you. And Part 3: Tips for the application process.

In this part 1 we talk about things you need to consider to decide if a PhD is for you. Are you thinking about doing a PhD? Then this is definitely an episode for you! And if not you might learn a few new things about the world of Science.

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