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Scientific development

Episode 2: Our Journey Towards Science Part 1

In this 2 part episode we will talk about why we wanted to be scientists and how we got there. In this first part we discuss our childhood inspirations and why we chose to study Biomedical Sciences and where. In the second part we talk about our study experience and internships. We also give tips for future scientists.

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Episode 1: Meet the Struggling Scientists

In this first episode, we introduce ourselves and this podcast. Learn more about our two hosts The Struggling Scientists and what this podcast will be about. We are Jayron and Suzanne, 2 PhD students in the world of Medical Biochemistry. In this Podcast we talk about the Fun, Drama a lot of the Science that comes with the Science life!

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We are The Struggling Scientists!

We are Suzanne and Jayron, two PhD students who love to talk about Science. We have decided to share our love for Science and our stories as a Scientist in the Struggling Scientists Podcast. Being a Scientist isn’t always easy and we hope to help other Scientists, anyone Science adjacent and perhaps even hobbyists with fun stories about Science.