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Episode 32: Cutting Edge Research?!?… Science News!

Today we are back with another cutting Edge research episode. But instead of talking in detail about one paper, we are going to discuss a broad range of papers that made it into the Scientific news recently. We will discuss:

-Nasal Vaccines against Covid-19
-Scientists grew human skin on a robot finger
-Sleep-deprived mosquitos prefer sleeping over eating
-Ibruprofen in combination with two commonly used drugs can cause kidney damage
-The first look at the black hole at the center of our milky way
-Scientists grew the first plants in real moon dirt
-Dog breeds are a surprisingly poor predictor of behavior
-A moms voice has a special place in kids’ brains, but not in teens
-Silent genetic mutations are not as innocent as long thought

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We are The Struggling Scientists!

We are Suzanne and Jayron, two PhD students who love to talk about Science. We have decided to share our love for Science and our stories as a Scientist in the Struggling Scientists Podcast. Being a Scientist isn’t always easy and we hope to help other Scientists, anyone Science adjacent and perhaps even hobbyists with fun stories about Science.