Dave Speijer: Debating Eukaryogenesis

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Suzanne van Wouw

Suzanne van Wouw

A finishing PhD students in Medical Biochemistry. She loved doing a PhD and likes to spread this positivity with helpfull Blogs full of tips.
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In our invited scientist section, we share content created by other Scientists.

For this very first blog in this series, we have a video created by dr. Dave Speijer. A great mitochondrion enthusiast. Now we all know that mitochondria are the most important organelle in your cells but it also tells us a lot about how eukaryotic life evolved.

However, there are different theories about how the pre-mitochondrion evolved and what the nature of the ‘host’ cell was and Scientists do not agree on this subject. In this video, Dave Speijer explains the different theories and makes a case for his preferred theory: symbiogenisis.

For more, read the full articles by Dave Speijer here:

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